Bully Make Box #1 Review!

Hey everyone! I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend!  Ours was filled with lots of laughs, love, and some family time with my mom.  Can’t really ask for much more than that! Well, now that Spud is in the house, we officially have three “bully breed” pups.  AKA aggressive chewers or as Bully Make […]

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Texas State Fair 2015

Hey guys! If you live in the DFW area, or Texas in general, you’re familiar with the State Fair. Heck even Brett’s family is coming down from Oklahoma to go this year!  It’s always a blast… a blast of fat and grease… and another type of blast the next morning….. My advice: If you share […]

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Chicken and Veggie Bake

Hey guys! This recipe might not be what you choose to serve at a dinner party, but for a household of two that wants a yummy dinner and leftovers … perfection! Inexpensive, simple, and hardly any dishes….Ding Ding Ding WINNER! Brett and I have reluctantly accepted the fact that our bazillion degree summer here in […]

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Ahhhh... Perfection

Easy Breakfast Sandwiches

Hey guys! If you’re looking for something that’s easy and has you spending a relaxing day like this… Look no further! This is such an easy go-to recipe that can easily be made for a large family breakfast.  I picture a lovely Saturday morning with one kiddo on egg duty, one on hash brown duty, […]

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Lazy Saturday Morning Frittata

I’ll start by saying it’s not exactly a traditional frittata.  The Hubby and I spent a while digging through the kitchen looking for the bottom of the springform pan.  After tearing through our kitchen, the only thing we accomplished was throwing a bunch of crap away that was randomly shoved places in last minute cleanups. […]

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Snow Day Buffalo Sauce Meatloaf

Hey guys! Ok I have to start with saying… WTF with the Oscars?!?!  I thought Lord of the Flies or Rings or whatever and Hobbits part 1, 2, 3, 4…587 were the only things that could put me to sleep so fast… but no, Oscars 2015, you win an Oscar for the most boring Oscar […]

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HOW TO: D.I.Y. Ghee

Hey guys! Ghee… I’ll just start with describing what it is.  I had seen it in recipes before and honestly never took the time to look up what it actually was. Are you salivating?  Who doesn’t love butter?! I don’t remember the comedian’s name… I THINK Jim Gaffigan (but I’ll be the first to admit that […]

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