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Fun With Brett’s Camera

Sooo I spent my day playing around with Brett’s camera.  That big ole thing is pretty intimidating; honestly, I feel like that monster weighs about as much as one of my legs.  Half of my day was spent trying to take pictures and the other half was spent cursing Cannon and all things it produces. […]

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Oven Roasted Garlic and Attempted Photography

This isn’t really a recipe, more of an experiment.  Wait… I guess that is how I describe most of my recipes. My hubby is an amazing photographer, and he just so happens to be stuck with a brat that never wants to admit she can’t figure something out on her own (other than computer crap, […]

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Hot Mess of a Meal

Hey, lookey there!!!  I came up with a name that wasn’t 15 words long! Sooo… tonight I decided to try a three new things: 1.  Homemade Mozzarella 2.  Lightened up Chicken Cordon Bleu 3.  Clean Spinach Artichoke Dip Look, I don’t believe the bloggers that act like EVERY single thing they make is amazing.  It’s […]

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Chili Seared Ahi Tuna

Friday Friday Friday! Annnnnd now that horribly annoying song will be on repeat in my head… and a little bit out loud for the rest of the day.  Damn. This recipe is tasty and easy, but definitely not budget friendly if you’re feeding a family.  I know there are plenty of people that will NOT […]

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White Chocolate Amaretto Cookies

OK ok ok, so this is where the “fairly fit” part comes into this blog.  I am no fit beast that eats 47 egg whites a day with my protein shakes and never cheats.  I need a little balance in my life.  Balance in the form of butter, sugar, and chocolate. Annddd… I present to […]

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Basil and Rosemary White Bean Lime Pesto

Sheesh, that’s a long name for a recipe! I decided I wanted to try and make an oil and cheese free pesto!  Seems a little impossible, right?  This is actually pretty delicious.  My good friend Tara sent me a text earlier with a recipe suggestion: No Crust Portabella Mushroom Pizza’s!  Give me a challenge and […]

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Chile Lime Flounder Over Rosemary Rice and Mushrooms

This was a fun little budget friendly recipe.  Budget friendly meaning I had flounder in the freezer, leftover limes from Brett’s Valentine’s Day dessert he made, leftover mushrooms, and an overwhelming amount of rosemary in the front yard. Hubby is still chomping down on his perfectly measured out broccoli and chicken meals.  I am still […]

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Zucchini Noodles with Tomatoes

This is a fun little side dish that would work well with multiple main dishes from pork chops to chicken tenders!  I turned my zucchini into noodles with my handy dandy little Zyliss Julienne Peeler.  Observe: Brett and I did a Sushi making class together and they recommended this product for getting those impossibly thin […]

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Bread Pudding – Tofu Style

Yup, I tried cooking with Tofu… again.  Honestly it wasn’t bad in this dish, but I will be trying again to get the tofu bread pudding I’m determined to master.  Since the first time trying tofu, I’m bound and dang determined to make a Tofu Bread Pudding. This wasn’t awful and definitely captured the flavor […]

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