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Clean and Simple Red Enchilada Sauce

Ahhhhh enchilada sauce… yum. I couldn’t quite figure out if I loved enchilada sauce because I associated it with a sh!t ton of cheese, chips and salsa, and a big ole margarita… or because it is just that good. This simple sauce proves the latter. It’s amazing… smokey, flavorful, the perfect amount of heat, and jusssssst […]

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Polenta Caprese

Crisped Polenta Caprese Stacks

There is nothing in this world like some beautiful fresh basil paired with slices of roasted tomatoes and fresh mozzarella… right?  Well, if you’re ready for your mind to be blown…keep reading. Throw some pan crisped polenta and prosciutto on there… BAM!  *Brain explosion* Prosciutto is to bacon like English Tea and Crumpets are to […]

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Wedding and Recipe Tease

Hiya Stranger! I haven’t posted anything in quite some time, I know I know… it’s just excuse after excuse.  But I promise this excuse is a good one… I GOT MARRIED! We lucked out on our day.  And I mean totally lucked out like that weirdo that won the lottery twice in 24 hours (wtf… […]

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