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Buffalo Shrimp

Who likes buffalo shrimp? Better question – Who doesn’t like buffalo shrimp?!  Weirdo’s and those with unfortunate seafood allergies, that’s who. I think buffalo shrimp and I think of those fatty, deep fried, slightly mushy beauties at Hooter’s.  You get the lemon wedges and obnoxious amounts of ranch… delish. Random Fact – Or, at least […]

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Oven Baked Crispy Chicken Nuggets

There’s nothing like a crunchy satisfying chicken nugget is there?! … and I’m not talking about the spongy blended bits of claws and beaks that you can buy 100 for 5 dollars or whatever.  I just cannot get on board with those.  Trust me, I’ve tried my fair share of fast food… but for the […]

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December Walmart Challenge!

I’ve decided to challenge myself for the month of December and purchase our groceries exclusively from Walmart and Sam’s Club! My Husband and I have the luxury of living less than 5 minutes from an Albertson’s, Tom Thumb, Walmart, AND Super Target.  Pretty convenient I’d say.  The Albertson’s by us is rarely busy and you […]

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