Bully Make Box #1 Review!

Hey everyone!

I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend!  Ours was filled with lots of laughs, love, and some family time with my mom.  Can’t really ask for much more than that!

Well, now that Spud is in the house, we officially have three “bully breed” pups.  AKA aggressive chewers or as Bully Make likes to say “Power Chewers.”  They can plow through toys and treats like we can eat pudding, it’s insane.




So, the Hubs decided to order a 3 month subscription to the Bully Make Box!  Here’s a little breakdown of what we got for $36.00.



Item #1

Bullymake Sausages ($9.00)

As much as I’d like to be able to critique treats, well, let’s be honest… they’re dogs… a treat is called a treat for a reason.  Ain’t no Boston or Bulldog barkin’ “NO!”  That would be like me saying no to a a bite of filet mignon.  No sir, not happenin’.


Item #2

The oh so amazing sounding CLUCKTASTIC treats!  Made by Gootie treats.  I could not find the specific product, but based on similar products by this brand, I’m going to guess valued around $8.00.  Again, it’s really hard to review a treat when it comes to pups that already have the propensity to chew the mother loving life out of anything.  Couch?  Sure.  Socks?  Sure.  Mommy’s shin?  Sure.  Treat, well, ok.


Item #3

Bullymake Chicken Nuggets ($9.00.)  Errr… I’m going to just say, refer to previous treat review.  A treat is a treat is a treat.  No human complains about creme brulee, right?!  I don’t think I’m even fancy enough to spell that correctly.  Oh well.


The pups did not know what to do with themselves!  Oh so exciting!



Item #4

Petstages Beyondbone – Available at PetsMart for $8.99.  The pups are enjoying this one.  Minimal damage done so far, that said, the main chewer is a mere three months old.  We shall see how this toy holds up as Spud gets a little older or Lager gets his jaws around it.


Item #5

THE Red Ball.  ($17.99 on Amazon) Oddly enough, seems to be the most entertaining for little Spud so far.  It is light enough to not cause damage whacking it around the house and doesn’t scratch the wood floors.  It’s hard enough that he’s not able to get his mouth around it to go Godzilla on that sh!t.  Double win!


So, looking at the costs involved, let’s see.

Total price to buy all items outright would be right around $52.00-53.00 buckaroos (plus shipping for some!)

We paid $36.00 for the same products to be delivered to our door.

In a week or so I will update my post with how well any and all toys have held up with our three pup loves <3!


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  1. Brett Dorsey October 24, 2016 at 9:25 pm #

    Looks like it turned out to be a deal! Wish Buddy could’ve had a go at those toys!

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