How To Clean Your Guest Bathroom in 10 Minutes

So, unless you live in a mansion and you’re really fancy, you probably have a guest bathroom much like ours.  1 sink, 1 mirror, 1 toilet, and a fancy decorative guest towel that you’re secretly hoping no one actually uses because you spent $15.00 on it and it’s folded and placed oh so nicely on the rack.

Scratch that, I want guests washing their hands.

Anyways, sometimes we have some last minute plans for friends to come over and I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off because I have 15 minutes to prep the house.  The last minute cleaning usually ends up with a lot of clutter being thrown in the bedroom with the door closed, but at least our main areas stay pretty clean … most of the time.

My Husband always helps, he just handles it better than I do.

Back to the topic at hand – How To Clean Your Guest Bathroom in 10 Minutes

Step 1 – Prep the toilet

The Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner works wonders.  The shape of the bottle itself is genius!  It’s so easy to just run an entire line of the gel around the inner lip of the bowl in about 10 seconds, if that.

Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Step 2 – Prep the sink

Enter: Scrubbing Bubbles!

Spray scrubbing bubbles until it foams all over the sink and let it’s bubbly magic do the job!

So we’ve got the toilet bowl and the sink cleaning themselves right now.

Yessssss.... The sizzling is screaming that germs are dying

Yessssss…. The sizzling is screaming that germs are dying

Step 3 – TP, hand towel, soap, and trash

Always, Always, Always cover your bases!

Bases being:
#1) Empty the trash bin and replace with a fresh clean bag and a spritz of Fabreeze (I keep a bottle of it and all of the products I’ve mentioned in the cabinet of our guest bath)
#2) Fresh roll of toilet paper as well as a backup roll in a reachable spot.  No woman wants to drip-dry, trust me.
3#) Make sure there is soap in your decorative soap dispenser.  Living in a home, you can tend to forget about the soap in the guest bathroom because you seldomly use it.
#4) The towel that never gets touched by anyone that actually lives in the house: the decorative guest towel!  Fold it all pretty and make sure it smells great!

So now that you’ve covered your bases in a hurry, time to finish the rest.

Step 4 – Flush the toilet and finish that job! (Hallelujah)

If any residue is left, use your toilet scrub brush and take care of business, then flush again.  Wipe down the rest of the toilet with a Clorox Wipe (I love those things!  I get them at Sam’s and for a darn good price!)

Step 5 – Mirror

A super quick Windex wipe down of the mirror and while you already have the paper towel in hand, wipe down the faucet as well.

Good Ole WIndex

Good Ole WIndex

Step 6 – Wipe down the counters

Wipe the counters down with Clorox wipes and wipe everything towards the sink because we haven’t rinsed that yet.

Ahhhh so easy!

Ahhhh so easy!

Step 7 – Finish Sink

Using a paper towel or whatever you want, wipe the sink down!

Annnnnnnnddddd… TA-DAAAAA – Your bathroom is pristine and clean in under 10 minutes!  Possibly 15 if you’re running around the house looking for everything that you need to wipe it out … literally.  My biggest tip would definitely be to keep everything you may need in your guest bathroom cabinet.  I even keep my roll of paper towels and everything else under there.  It makes it so much easier!

So, there you have it!  That last minute “Wait, you’re bringing who home from work for dinner?!?!?!” bathroom cleanup made easy :)


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  1. Brett January 4, 2015 at 2:22 am #

    What?? Our guest bathroom is clean every day!! 😉

  2. Your Biggest Fan January 5, 2015 at 7:38 am #

    Excellent post. Keeping all the supplies actually in the bathroom is a great tip; I’m doing it.

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