HOW TO: D.I.Y. Ghee

Hey guys!

Ghee… I’ll just start with describing what it is.  I had seen it in recipes before and honestly never took the time to look up what it actually was.



Are you salivating?  Who doesn’t love butter?!

I don’t remember the comedian’s name… I THINK Jim Gaffigan (but I’ll be the first to admit that I think every man with white hair and a deep voice is Morgan Freeman… so who knows.)

Well, Jim/Jake/James/Jamaica/John whatever his name is had a hilarious stand up act revolving around bacon.  The best part was about it being the magical fairy dust of salads haha!

Anyways, butter is right up there with BACONNNN!!!

Simply put, Ghee is clarified butter.  The main benefits of clarified butter are:

1) You’re removing the milk solids and casein from butter, so it can be easier for digestion if you have dairy sensitivities.  (AKA you won’t be blowing your spouse out of the bed because you have an atomic bomb of gas in your stomach!)

2) Ghee has a much higher smoke point than many oils, therefor can replace those expensive nut oils.

3) Ummmm… YUM!  ‘Nuff said.

I’ve purchased it at the store before (Our local Sprout’s and Sunflower Shoppe carry it) and it’s $8.99 for 13 ounces.

Now I get the pack of butter at my beloved Sam’s club for $12.98 and fill four Mason Jars!

I don’t like math, but this math is too damn simple!



So basically… it is basic.

I’ll break down the steps for ya!

Oh and side note… If you want Mason Jars and don’t want to order them online, hit up your local Hobby Lobby and use their 40% off coupon!  I don’t buy anything there without using it or the particular product being half off!

Step One:  Throw your giant glob of butter in a wide skillet set on LOW.  The globs from Sam’s are 16 oz.

The Biggest Glob of Butter, EVER!  Thank you once again, Sam's Club!

The Biggest Glob of Butter, EVER! Thank you once again, Sam’s Club!

Step Two: Let the brick-o-butter start to slowly melt.  You’ll begin to see some white bits in the pan.

Beginning To Separate

Beginning To Separate

Step Three: Well, ummm, take a sip of your beer cabernet sauvignon and watch the Butta melt.  I mean… who would drink beer when they cook…?  That is so perverse!  … Maybe once I turn a quarter of a century old in THREE DAYS I’ll graduate from Klassi to Classy and be one of those housewives that prefers wine over beer… meh.  Not so sure though.

Can I have a straw?

Milk Solids Representin’

Step Four: Using a spoon or… whatever the heck you have, begin to slowly remove the white bits from that Homer Simpson colored goodness that’s creeping underneath the milky cloud.

Getting the Goop out!

Getting the Goop out!

Oh, and have a bowl prepped with a strainer and a layer of cheesecloth over the strainer.  You can get MOST of it with a spoon, but you will definitely want to have it strained to make sure you’re getting strictly Ghee.

Nom Nom... Straw... Please?

Nom Nom… Straw… Please?



Step Five: Once it’s fully strained through the cheesecloth, pour into a jar, your mouth, or some sort of container.  No judgement here!  Like I said… FAIRLY fit 😉

Ready to Refrigerate!

Ready to Refrigerate!

It will be very warm and you definitely don’t want to put the lid on it at that temp!  Let it come close to room temperature and plop that yellow gelatinous jar of deliciousness in the fridge overnight.  You can keep it in the fridge for a long ass time, or in the pantry for about a month before sh!t starts to get a little iffy!  I like it in the pantry (don’t worry baby, I keep track of the dates.  Sorry again about feeding you mold that one time…..) because it’s much easier to work with when cooking.  But, either is perfectly fine!

Final Product:



It is honestly really simple and my Husband and I have grown to love the stuff.  I always cooked my egg whites with some pam spray… once I started using a dab of ghee instead of pam…


Delish x 10.

Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little fat here and there.

(In my food, not my ass)

So, there you have it… TA-DAAAAA: Ghee in it’s simplest form!  You just need butter, a skillet, patience, and the willpower to not walk to your pantry and grab a straw.  I don’t know what kind of barbarian would do something like that…. :/ haha

OK, time for a LEFT TURN!

I mentioned in one of my last posts that October was going to be an exciting month for us.  Well, for mainly two reasons:

1)  MY BIRTHDAY woooooo hoooooo!  My Husband was so sweet and planned a fun dinner and night out for friends and family.  It’s hard to believe I met him at the ripe ole age of 21.  21 years old with platinum blonde extensions down to my butt, sunglasses that may as well have been coke cans strapped to my face like goggles, some boxes of pizza, and a beer pong table.  I’m glad he agreed to go out with me on that rainy Sunday after I tracked him down on Facebook.  Now I’m turning 25 and my life has flipped upside down.  I LOVE the place I’m in at 25 and have to thank my amazing Husband for being there for me through every step along the way!



Meet Lager!

OK, we’re creepy crazy, we know.  Who in the hell would want THREE, yes THREE, Boston Terrors, Boston Terriers?!  We’re dog lovers through and through and that’s that!

Mommy and Lager!

Mommy and Lager!

The Dorsey House just keeps on growing!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and gets Glee for Ghee!!


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  1. Brett October 11, 2014 at 11:48 am #

    Ghee makes me full of Glee!

    I love your desire to experiment and your attitude of, “Hey, I can do that! And cheaper!”. You’re the best, baby!

    And yay for more dog hair in the house! Little lager….

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