RAWlmond Cheese…?

Ok ok… I need to work on my recipe names.  Duly noted. I’m not really big on the Raw Food Diet, but I definitely don’t rule anything out when I want to try something new. I’ve heard of multiple people doing away with dairy in their diet, so as a cheese substitute they use almond […]

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Dijon Turkey Burgers

As I mentioned in my New Year  Post, Brett and I are on a mission to get fit and in shape by May for our wedding.  Our diet obviously plays the largest role in achieving our goal.  In 2012, we went out to eat quite often.  Always bar food, beer, pizza, Chipotle, you name it, we […]

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Sorry, Tofu.

But you’re out. Tofu is weird. It crumbles when it shouldn’t. I’m still not totally sure what it is. How does it bake for 30 minutes and remain completely gelatinous? Why is it sold next to the cheese?!  I’d much rather sit and eat a block of cheddar cheese than a block of Tofu.  If […]

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Cocoa Steak Salad

Yeah, I was thrown off by the name too.  Not once have I ever considered putting cocoa on beef… and it tasting delicious.  My fiancé has had extreme success in the past with P90X, so after establishing our wedding weight goals I’ve been incorporating some of the P90X recipes into our dining repertoire.  Tonight was […]

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New Year, New Start!

Well hey there 2013!  Is everyone else as bummed as I am to take down all of the pretty Christmas Decorations?  The New Year is always an exciting time to make very ambitious resolutions that don’t always come to fruition.  I’ve most definitely been guilty of not following through with my somewhat unattainable goals in […]

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Chocolate Chip Oreo Facegasm

What a lovely day it is today!   Chocolate Chip Oreo Facegasm   Print This is a family and friend favorite. It’s as good as it sounds! Oreos and caramel sandwiched between layers of chocolate chip cookie. Try not to eat the entire pan in one sitting, I dare you! Author: Marilyn Recipe type: Dessert […]

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