Tribulations, Target, and Trivial Thoughts AKA 2016 Update

Hey guys!

Well… looks like I suck at blogging.  This blog post has turned into more of an online diary haha.  Catharsis at its best.

I’ll start with my first point… Tribulations.

We no longer have our Baby Boy Buddy.  We lost our Dorsey mascot in an unexpected 24 hour whirlwind of questions.  I am thankful for my strong Hubby every moment of every single day.   Only a true dog lover would understand the crazy hole in our otherwise whole hearts.  We truly miss him.  I wish I was more eloquent with my sentiments regarding Buddy… but I guess sometimes simplicity and raw emotion sum things up the best.

  • We miss you.  My gosh we freaking miss you.
  • You miss us, too. We know it.
  • We hope our impact on you meant as much as yours on us.

“My goal in life is to be as good a person as my dog already thinks I am.”  – Unknown

R.I.P.  Baby Boy Buddy.  Forever the original Dorsey Mascot.

We’ve had some tough moments in 2016.  We unexpectedly lost my father in law recently.  Out of respect for my Husband, I won’t comment on that further.  What I will say is that I am forever grateful to have a man that learned many lessons from his father.  He taught Brett many things about life and the importance of being a man of integrity.

On to my second thought… Target.

In other news…

I guess I should update the ole About Marilyn page.  I am no longer the Housewife I never thought I would be.  I work.  Yup, time clock, walkie talkie, name tag style work… and you know what?!  It is pretty amazing.  I didn’t necessarily get off to the greatest start and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have many moments when (like a full blown brat) I thought “wtf I don’t even NEED this job.”  Truth is, I think I do need it.  Not to pay my bills or advance in my career or anything like the reasons most people would think when they mention NEEDING their job.  I’ve realized since being here just how much I missed being challenged.


I remember one of my first days there… a fellow team member asked what company I left to come to work for Target.  My response was “well, actually I’ve been a stay at home wife for the past few years.”  Her response: “Ahhhhh I can only dream of being a stay at home wife.  Tell me what a day in the life of a stay at home wife is like.”  My response was simple and honest.  “Lonely.”

Maybe I didn’t use the correct word.  I have a wonderful family, friends, and a Husband that loves me.  So “lonely”…. eh not really.  I should have said isolated.  In three years of being a stay at home wife, I became very complacent.  Looking back I wonder WTF happened to my drive.  I was always the student that HAD to have straight A’s, always staying up overnight to make sure that papers or projects were perfect, going above and beyond in everything my name was attached to.  I lost that after a while of staying at home.

It was a serious wake up call when talking to my Husband and realizing that the biggest moment of my day was cleaning up dog poop like it was the most stressful day of my life.  Lordy, that is just laughable now haha!

That’s comical now considering I cleaned up dog sh!t at work!  I texted Brett “Well, I’ve officially seen it all.  I just cleaned up a pitt-bull’s sh!t at work.  Wow.”  Haha

It’s been almost a year now with Target.  It can most definitely stress me out and bend me at times, but hopefully never break.  I’ve learned I’m a little tougher than I ever thought I was.  I’ve loved the challenges and having my name stamped on something.  I’ve also learned that my insane need for perfection is no different at work than it was in college.  Only difference is instead of straight A’s, it’s trend runs and yada yada yada… the list is endless.

Trivial Thoughts

Geez, so much!  Let’s see if I can cliffs notes this year.  (If you know me, you know I’m really not great at that!)


Well, for starters, WE GOT A NEW PUP!  Official name: Spud Impulse Dorsey.  Yup, that’s literally his registered name.  Damn you “new puppies” sign!  He’s a miniature bulldog and OMG is he a handful.  That little tater tot has tested our patience like no other!  He reaches octaves that Mariah Carey would be envious of!14606309_10154591357511081_4472179850330876736_n


Let’s see, what else.  We took our first cruise this summer.  Jamaica, Cozumel, and Grand Cayman Oh My!



I’m officially in my LATE TWENTIES now!  AAAGGGGHHHH!!!!!!

I feel like I should have more updates for the year haha!

I’ve made a ton of yummies but in all reality, I just haven’t always had the time to take step-by-step pictures of every step of the recipe and blog about it.

One thing regarding cooking that I can most definitely say is … I apologize to any working wife that I EVER questioned why they didn’t make dinner every night.  OMG.  With 4am/6am/8am mornings, we have eaten out for dinner more this past year than probably ever.  And you know what…. I’m OK with it!  Never again will I give a side eye to a woman that doesn’t cook haha.  Lesson has been learned!  I’m issuing a blanket apology to all working mama’s that don’t go gourmet on that sh!t!  Ain’t nothing wrong with leaving your hubby a message that says “hey there are frozen TV meals.” haha.  Thankfully, my hubby couldn’t care less.

I’m rambling.  I’ll end my update with this since I know you’re the only person that reads my blog 😛


Thank you for being my Husband.  You are the epitome of what every woman wishes she could find in a man.  Your moral fiber, honesty, and integrity are what someone dreams of in a spouse.  I’m forever grateful that I beer ponged right into your life over five years ago <3



-Marilyn 2.0

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