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Kitchen Update – Buttermilk Oven Fried Chicken

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Buttermilk baked “fried” chicken-this fried chicken in the oven is a lighter version of the fried chicken, which has the same taste as the real deal! Fried chicken in the oven gets the same crispy texture of “frying” in the oven!

Skinnytaste “Oven” Fried chicken

Today we celebrate the new cookbook of our good friend Gina, the Skinnytaste Cookbook! We love Gina and are so excited about her first cookbook! I’ve been a huge fan of his blog for years and I’m so glad his recipes are in a book now!

The Skinnytaste cookbook offers low-calorie but generous recipes in taste. Gina knows how to make the healthy taste incredible! I couldn’t decide which recipe to make for our post because I wanted to make them all, so I let Josh choose. He flipped through the book and when he saw the recipe for fried chicken “Oven” with buttermilk, he exclaimed: “Winner, winner, dinner with chicken!”He said we had to make this fried chicken in the oven. Caleb ran to see what we were talking about, said that he also wanted chicken for dinner! The decision was made:)

Baked Fried chicken is a healthy Fried chicken

One of Josh’s favorite dishes is fried chicken, but I rarely get it done because I don’t like the fried smell and it’s so messy. Yes, I’m the chef of our kitchen:) But the fried chicken in the oven, now this fascinated me.

Well, Gina just made Josh’s life because there is no greasy roast with her healthy “fried” chicken recipe! You bake the chicken in the oven so that it does not clean a big mess and no fried smells that persist for days. Now Josh can make this “fried” chicken healthy whenever he wants!

How to make Fried chicken in the oven

Gina’s lighter version of fried chicken is perfect! The chicken has the same crispy and golden texture as the real deal, but without all the fat and calories. The recipe is also easy to make!

  • Soak the chicken in a buttermilk bath overnight, this will keep the chicken moist and juicy!
  • Roll the chicken in the crispy coating of breadcrumbs, corn flakes, parmesan and spices.
  • Put it on a large baking sheet to make sure that the chicken does not touch. You can also put the chicken on an ovenproof grate on the baking sheet, which will make the chicken very crispy.
  • Bake until crispy and well cooked.

That is all. No mess to clean and you can feel good if you have healthy fried chicken on the menu. You will not miss the deep fryer, that’s for sure!